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December 30, 1899

Supervision during construction of seven units drilling land rigs in China

Akam Adak started supervision on 7 Land Rigs fabrication in Honghua Group (HH) yard.  HH yard has located at Guanghan City in Sichuan Province and is the second largest Rig manufacture all over the China with capacity 150 and 500 sets Drilling Rig and Mud pumps per year respectively.

Rig Quantity:Seven Drilling Rigs including one 3000HP Rig, four 2000HP Rigs, and two 1000HP

Structure weight: Total weight of all masts and substructures is about 1860 MT, Also total weight of structure for all Rigs including Mast, Sub structure, Tanks (Mud, Oil, Water,Air), House (VFD, MCC, Generator, Dog house,...), Camp house and etc are more than 8200 MT.

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